Because having a website is just not enough!

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Gig IT Consulting, primary area of services is Internet Marketing, everything you need to create or increase your visibility on the Internet.  Services including; Social Media (facebook, twitter, Linked in, You Tube, and More…), QR Codes, Email Marketing (Emails, Newsletters, Online Surveys, Event Marketing), Mobile Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Websites, Web Based Application and IT services for your in house equipment (Workstations, Servers, Networks, Voice over IP (VOIP)) support.  

“As the Ward One Councilor for the City of Quincy, I frequently receive compliments about my website, the professional email that people receive and my use of Social Media (Facebook and Twitter). With the communications program that Gig IT set me up with, I am able to email 1300+ constituents in the community and keep their emails protected. Taking advantage of social media has allowed me to stay connected with my constituents. Gig IT Consulting has helped me reach an expanded audience and has really set the bar for local political web presence.” Margaret Laforest, Quincy City Council

“Gig IT Consulting is highly knowledgeable in website optimization and social media. The company is trained on the most recent updates and changes in techniques, etc.  Gig IT is great at website coding and integrating social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs and databases. Gig IT is my #1 resource for doing the “back-end”, optimization and social media for our website designs.” Kirsten Whitten, Owner, G.T. Graphics & Marketing